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Drive Data

VH is the software from Indigo Hill to drive data from anyThing to the data center.  We've spent the past six years evolving to support everything from the intelligent edge to large servers.

We get data.  Anywhere.  Any device.

Experience Matters

Since 2007, we've been building databases to support a variety of enterprise grade applications.  We saw a need to build a toolkit capable of accessing data consitently across every device architecture.  Spend some time with us and meet VH.

We get data.  Anywhere.  Any device.

Win With VH

Accelerate Development

VH works with three major database products out of the box.  Skip over the details of sending and receiving data and Go straight to using it.  From proof of concept to millions of devices.

Databases - Schemaless
Gain Confidence

VH reliably delivers your data, every time.  Avoid regressions when receiving and sending your mission critical bits and bytes.  Hit the ground running and never look back.

Query Engine - Transactions

For Every Device

VH adapts to many device architectures, from the intelligent edge to multi-core, multi-process servers.  Simplify your solution by using a common interface between it all.

Intelligent Edge - Desktop - Server

The Schemaless Library

Forget about having to know your precise schema ahead of time.  You know there's going to be a table called "customer".  Everyone needs customers to help pay the bills.  Chances are the customer has a first name, a last name, and maybe a few other things.  Right now you need a proof of concept.  We've got to welcome customer Bob, who's stored far, far away in a database somewhere.  So do it, with a systems language like C.  Afterall, that proof of concept is for one of those Internet of Things "thing".  It won't run heavyweight interpreted languages like PHP, Python, or Ruby.

VH allows developers to create, access, and manipulate data structures without having to know much about the data at compile time.  Just names.  A table name like "customers" and a field like "first_name".  VH can execute an arbitrary query against a database and return the results you access by name.  Or provide a JSON file at run time describing each table.  Or provide connection information to award winning data stores such as MySQL, Postgres, and SQLite to retrieve a schema.  And those are just a few of the many options for defining your data.

We've done the work of building a complex type system compatible (and tested) with multiple CPU architectures: ATOM, ARM, MIPS, x86, x86-64.  All with minimal dependencies beyond the standard C runtime for the operating system of your choice.  It'll run just about anywhere, from a "thing" to multi-core enterprise grade servers.

The days schemas being compiled into source code are over for embedded devices...or mobile devices...or desktops...or servers. Can't leave anything out that can benefit from our work.